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News from New Zealand

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Patron of the NZ Society Jock Tocher passed away a few weeks ago at the age of 96.

Jock was one of the attendees, along with Ian Brickell and others, at the inaugural meeting of the Welsh Black Cattle Breeders’ Society of New Zealand held in April 1974 in Whangarei.  Jock had been using Welsh Black semen over Angus cows in 1969 and was so pleased with the offspring he and wife Elizabeth went to Wales in 1972 to check out some fullblood Welsh Black cattle.  They picked 2 bulls Dysynni Boy 2nd and Neaudd Hebog 32nd and they duly arrived in New Zealand in the winter of 1973.   The animals together with the grading up females from the Angus cows were the basis of their stud, Diamond Peak.  

In recognition of Jock’s and Elizabeth’s contribution to the Society and the breed they were awarded the inaugural presentation of the Janet Probert Memorial Tray which is given to recognise promotion of the breed each year.  Jock was given a Life Membership of the NZ Society in April 1991 in recognition of his enormous support to the Society. 

In 2001 when they retired from breeding Jock donated about $3000 worth of Welsh Black semen to the society, the proceeds of which were to be used for promotion of the breed.     At the Welsh Black AGM of 2004 he was elected as Patron of the Society.