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Royal Welsh Show Results 2023

Dolgellau Store Sale Report

Store Cattle Report - 31|03|23

Some of the top Welsh Black prices from the Store Cattle sale at Farmers Mart, Dolgellau today!

Dyma chi trosolwg ar rhai o brisiau uchaf y Gwartheg Duon yn arwerthiant stôr Farmers Mart, Dolgellau heddiw!

Update for members | Diweddariad i aelodau

Store Cattle top prices!

Some of the top Welsh Black prices from the Store Cattle sale at Farmers Mart, Dolgellau!
Dyma chi trosolwg ar rhai o brisiau uchaf y Gwartheg Duon yn arwerthiant stôr Farmers Mart, Dolgellau!

German Association of Welsh Black Zรผchter und Halter e.V. celebrates 30 years

German Association of Verband Deutscher Welsh Black Züchter und Halter e.V. would like to invite you to join them in celebrating 30 years. 

Myostatin Information

To view more information on myostatin DNA testing

Change of Ownership

Please be aware from the 20th of February 2023 the following will be implemented when transfering the ownership of your animals: 

Myostatin DNA Information Evening

Photography Competiton | Cystadleuaeth Ffotograffiaeth

We're extending our Journal Photography Competition, there's two categories, with entries closing on 1/3/2023! Please send your photo over to us in the Office via email or messenger!
Rydym yn ymestyn ein Cystadleuaeth Ffotograffiaeth o'r Cyfnodolyn, mae dau gategori, gyda'r cystadleuaeth yn cau ar 1/3/2023! Anfonwch eich llun atom yn y Swyddfa drwy e-bost neu neges!

Notice for Members | Neges i'n haelodau



67th Annual Pedigree Winter Show & Sale Report

January Sale Catalogue - Live Now!

Dolgellau November Sale Report 2022

There was a great show of quality Welsh Black Cattle on show today!

Anglesey Winter Fair 2022

Braf gweld y aelodau ar Gwartheg Duon yn cael llwyddiant yn y Ffair Aeaf yn Sir Fôn!
Great to see members and the Welsh Blacks having success in Anglesey Winter Fair.

Monmouth Sale Report & Show Results

Dancoed Herd Dispersal Sale Report

Dancoed Herd Dispersal Catalogue LIVE

Welsh Black Cattle Society welcomes new Chair of the Council

Monmouthshire Sale Catalogue now LIVE - 4th November 2021

Monmouthshire Sale Catalogue now LIVE, head over and follow the link!

Autumn Sale Closing Dates

Please find all the closing dates for this Autumns Sale's here...

2021 Award Winners

2021 Award Winners were presented in the Annual General Meeting 2022

Annual General Meeting 2022

Llywyddion a Llysgennad Ifanc newydd yn cael ei hethol yn Cyfarfod Blynyddol y Gymdeithas Dydd Sadwrn. 10fed o Fedi.

New Presidents and Young Member Ambassador elected at the Society Annual General Meeting on Saturday, 10th of September. 

Online Sale

The Society Online Sale is back for another year, follow the link for more information.

Annual General Meeting 2022

The Society AGM will be held this year at the Grannell Hotel, Llanwnnen at 2pm

Anglesey Show Results 2022

Canlyniadau Sioe Sir Fôn 2022

Angelsey County Show Results 2022

Results from the Royal Welsh Show 2022

It was good to be back to the Royal Welsh Showground from the Royal Welsh Show once again!

Society Young Handlers RWAS Competition Result

Group of 5 - Reserve Champion at RWAS 2022

Royal Welsh Show Results

Royal Welsh Show is back, and great to see a very high standard of Welsh Black Cattle forward for judging on Monday morning!

Online Sale

The Welsh Black Cattle Society Online Sale is back!

Sioe Llanddarog Show 2022

Canlyniadau Sioe Llanddarog 2022

Llanddarog Show Results 2022

Sioe Llanrwst Show 2022

Canlyniadau o Sioe Llanrwst 2022

Llanrwst Results


2022 Aberystwyth Show Results

Full results from the Welsh Black Cattle section can be read below! We would like to thank all exhibitors for exhibiting the Cattle.

Dolgellau May Sale Report 2022

Dolgellau May Sale Report 2022

Sale Report

Adroddiad yr Arwerthiant

We're Hiring - Swydd Wag

Mae'r Gymdeithas yn chwilio am Cynorthwyydd Gweinyddol (rhan-amser) i ymuno ar tim. 

The Society are looking for an Administrative Assistant (part-time) to join the team.

Diolch - Thank You

It was great that the Society could finally arrange to present the plate and a cheque for all the donations received from members to Pat Thompson recently for the recognition of her service to the Welsh Black Cattle Society.

66th Annual Pedigree Winter Show and Sale at Dolgellau - Sale Report

What a great way to start 2022, the first sale of the year for the Society at Dolgellau on the 4th January.

Winter Fair

Showing results and sale prices

๐—ฅ๐—ฒ๐—ฑ๐˜‚๐—ฐ๐˜๐—ถ๐—ผ๐—ป ๐—ฆ๐—ฎ๐—น๐—ฒ ๐—ผ๐—ป ๐—ฏ๐—ฒ๐—ต๐—ฎ๐—น๐—ณ ๐—ผ๐—ณ ๐— ๐—ฟ ๐—ฅ๐—ผ๐—ฏ๐—ฒ๐—ฟ๐˜๐˜€, ๐—ง๐—ฌ๐—ก๐—”๐—ก๐—ง

Sale report from the reduction sale on behalf od Mr Roberts, TYNANT herd.

60th Annual Pedigree Autumn Sale Report

Monmouthshire Livestock Sale - 5th November 2021

Full report from the 21st Annual Pedigree Show & Sale at Monmouthshire Livestock Sale - 5th November 2021


Take a read of the full report from the 'RHYS' herd dispersal and the redultion of the 'MORWYNION' herd.


A Sale not to be missed!


Online Sale

Society Online Sale - August 25th 2021

Annual General Meeting 2021

Ysgrifennydd Brรฎd Newydd /New Breed Secretary

Welsh Black Cattle Society is pleased to announce the appointment of Lynfa Jones as the new Breed Secretary from the 22nd of March 2021. Lynfa will be working for the Society full time from our Builth Wells office on the showground and from home.

Corrections for the 2019 Annual Journal

Corrections for the 2019 Annual Journal

Monmouth Livestock Centre Sale

The Society’s 18th Annual Show and Sale took place at Monmouthshire Livestock Centre, Raglan on 9th November....

Young Member Ambassador

Read the full report from the Society's Young Member Ambassador.....

Royal Welsh 2018

This took place Monday 23rd July to Thursday 26th July amid a heat wave!  

News from New Zealand

Sad news from the New Zealand Welsh Black cattle Society...

Dolgellau May Sale 2018

The Welsh Black Cattle Society Annual May Show & Sale was held at Dolgellau on 4th May 2018..

2018 Show News

News of the 2018 Shows are as follows...

Dolgellau sale January 2018

The Annual Winter Show and Sale of Welsh Black cattle took place on the 9th January 2018 at Farmers Marts...

Dolgellau Autumn sale

The Autumn Sale of pedigree Welsh Black cattle took place on 21st November...

Monmouth Livestock Centre Sale

Sale at Monmouthshire Livestock Centre on 10th November...

Sale of the Bladen Herd

Sale of the Bladen Herd was on 18th October...

Bull & Female of the Year 2018

The winners of the Society’s Bull & Female of the Year 2017 are...

2016 News from the South wales club

South Wales Welsh Black Breeders Club

2016 Report by Janet Thomas, Secretary

Autumn Store sales

The first autumn Pedigree Store Sales - 

Royal Welsh Spring Fair

Royal Welsh Spring Fair 2017..

Dolgellau May sale 5th May 2017

The 60th Annual Spring Show & Sale of Pedigree Welsh Black Cattle took place on May 5th....

Society AGM 6th May

Don't miss the Society AGM on 6th May!  The President, Mrs Jane Davies has organised a terrific Auction and also a Raffle...

News of the summer shows

News of summer shows 2017 ...

Dolgellau Sale January 2017

LLECHWEDD RHYS 47th  SELLS FOR 16,000 gns at Society Winter Show & Sale, Dolgellau on the 10th January 2017...

Bull & Female of the Year 2016

The Society is pleased to announce the results of their 2016 Bull and Female of the Year competition, and congratulates all winners... 

Sales during autumn 2016

Report on the autumn sales..

President's Open Day

President, Mrs Jane Davies held an Open Day on 10th September 2016...

Cilfodig Herd dispersal

The dispersal sale of the Cilfodig Herd of Welsh Black cattle took place on 10th September ...

Royal Welsh 2016

The Welsh Black Cattle Society had a successful and enjoyable week at the Royal Welsh Show 2016 and a very good show of cattle by Welsh Black members .....

Welsh Black cattle travel to Germany

Welsh Black Cattle travel to Bavaria, Germany -

 Thirty five pedigree Welsh Black cattle have been sold to two breeders in Germany. 

Royal Welsh Spring Fair 2016

The Welsh Black Cattle Society stand at the Spring Fair looked suitably impressive..

Pedigree Sale in May 2016

The Welsh Black Cattle Society Pedigree Sale took place at Dolgellau on 6th May 2016

Winter Sale 2016 at Dolgellau

The annual Winter sale at Dolgellau took place on 5th January 2016 with Farmers Marts Ltd..

Royal Welsh Winter Fair

Held 30th November & 1st December the Society had a busy two days..

Welsh Black cattle Sale at Monmouthshire Livestock Centre

A pedigree Welsh Black sale took place on 13th November at the Monmouthshire Livestock Centre, raglan..

Dolgellau Autumn Sale

The Dolgellau Autumn Sale took place on 27 October 2015

The Young members Agrisgop group has a meeting on 19/11/15 ... 

Champions of Royal Welsh Show

The Welsh Black Champions of the Royal Welsh Show...

Dolgellau Store sale

Welsh Blacks top the multi store sale in Dolgellau

Royal Welsh Spring Fair

The Royal Welsh Agricultural Society’s Spring Fair for 2015 took place on 16th & 17th May and was a success for the Welsh Black Cattle Society.

Exciting January sale at Dolgellau

Top price of 10,500gns at the Winter Show and Sale of Welsh Blacks at Dolgellau Mart on 6th January 2015.

Royal Welsh Winter Fair

The Welsh Black Cattle Society's stand at the Royal Welsh Winter Fair was visited by HRH Princess Ann ...

Monmouthshire Livestock Centre holds Welsh Black Sale

The first Society sale at the new Monmouthshire Livestock Centre was held on Friday 14th November....

Dolgellau Pedigree Autumn Sale 2014

The Dolgellau Annual Pedigree sale took place on 28 October..

Dolgellau prize Store Sale, Sept.2014

The first autumn pedigree store sale at Dolgellau took place on 12/9/2014 with Farmers Marts (RG Jones) Ltd, Dolgellau

The Coedriglan dispersal sale took place on 12 July 2014 

Society Sale at Dolgellau took place on 7 January 2014

News from the Winter Fair

Here's the hightlights from the 2023 Royal Welsh Winter Fair