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Welsh Black cattle travel to Germany

 Thirty five pedigree Welsh Black cattle have been sold to two breeders in Bavaria, Germany. 

 Mr Jan Janssen from Westerstede, Germany travelled over to Wales in mid-February with a group of breeders and bought 30 heifers and 3 young bulls, whilst another breeder, Mr Tamme Hanken bought 2 heifers.  Sally Lloyd, Promotions Officer of the Welsh Black Cattle Society took the group of breeders round a few farms in Wales and is very pleased and proud of this massive achievement.


The majority of the cattle came from Mr &Mrs Dai and Joan Francis and their two sons, Rhys and John who farm at Tynywaun, Gwynfe, Llangadog, Carmarthenshire.  Their well-known Cennen Herd is renowned for breeding excellent cattle.  

Another two heifers came from the Rhydygarnedd Herd owned by Mr and Mrs Edward Williams, Dolaugwyn, Tywyn, Gwynedd. 


All the cattle have been in quarantine and have had various blood tests in order for them to travel to Bavaria and they have now finally reached their new homes.  Sending a couple of animals is quite difficult but thirty three animals from one herd is a massive achievement.

German Export 1.jpg               German Export 2.jpg 


Sally Lloyd comments “Rhys and his father Dai, I know, have found it a very emotional experience and I thank them very much for all their hard work and dedication.  It's an amazing story for the Welsh Black breed and look forward to following their progress over in Germany, where they have gone to a large breeder who produces cattle for a large food outlet supplying only Welsh Black beef. We hope all the cattle settle well in their new home and good luck to Jan and Tamme.”