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Coedriglan Welsh Blacks dispersal sees 2,100gns top price

The dispersal of the Coedriglan Herd of pedigree, organic Welsh Blacks, on behalf of Treherne Farms, Cardiff, was held, on 12 July 2014, at Llandovery Market with auctioneers Clee, Tompkinson & Francis. 

Prices peaked at 2,100gns for Coedriglan Prydwen, born May 2010 and sired by Erin Rhys.  The cow was sold with her April born heifer calf Coedriglan Alwena, sired by Cwmcae Addewid 3rd, to Emily Evans, Oswestry.

One of the herd Stock bulls, Coedriglan Addewid 3rd which was sired by Neuadd Addewid 63rd, sold at 2,000gns to G Jones, Broad Oak.

Sold for 1,900gns was Coedriglan Manon, born May 2008 and sired by Erin Rhys 3rd.  The cow sold with her march born heifer calf Coedriglan Amranwen, which was sired by Cwmcae Addewid 3rd, to AJ & EA Price, Gwynfe, Llangadog - who also bought, for 1,600gns, Coedriglan Nesta, an April 2009 born cow again by Erin Rhys 3rd, with her steer calf.  DG Jones, Rhos, West Glamorgan paid 1,650gns for Coedriglan Petra, born May 2010 and sired by Dolagored Jasper, with her heifer calf by Cwmcae Addewid 3rd and 1,600gns for Coedriglan Pryderi, born May 2010 and sired by Erin Rhys, with her March born heifer calf by Cwmcae Addewid 3rd.

Averages  -  34 cows and calves, £1,423; 11 bulling heifers, £1,120; 13 maiden heifers, £756.81; 2 stock bulls £1,575.