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Dolgellau Show & Sale 7th January 2020

Dolgellau Show & Sale 7th January 2020

Dolgellau Show & Sale 7th January 2020

Dolgellau Show & Sale 7th January 2020

Dolgellau Show & Sale 7th January 2020

Dolgellau Show & Sale 7th January 2020

Dolgellau Show & Sale 7th January 2020


Rydym yn falch iawn o gyhoeddi bod Farmers Marts yn cynnal ail arwerthiant ar-lein o Wartheg Duon Cymreig Pedigri ar Ddydd Mercher 26ain o Awst 2020. - Manylion isod



We are very pleased to announce that Farmers Marts will be holding a second timed internet auction of Pedigree Welsh Black Cattle on Wednesday 26th August 2020. - Details below

Datganiad gan yr Ymddiriedolwyr

Fel y gwyddoch, mae y ddwy aelod o staff wedi bod ar gyfnod seibiant ers dechrau y cyfnod clo. Oherwydd hyn rydym yn cydnabod pa mor anodd oedd cysylltu gyda’r Gymdeithas. Erbyn hyn mae y staff wedi dychwelyd i’w gwaith ar delerau ‘flexi-furlough’. Felly, gallwch gysylltu gyda naill ai Evelyn Jones neu Pat Thompson ar y rhifau ffôn arferol fel eu bod yn gallu ymdrin â’ch ymholiad yn ystod eu horiau gwaith.

Deallwn hefyd eich consyrn o gylch cofrestriadau sydd wedi eu derbyn ond heb eu prosesu. Nawr fod staff wedi dychwelyd i’w gwaith bydd prosesu y cofrestriadau hyn yn flaenoriaeth.

Byddem yn gwerthfawrogi petaech yn gallu rhoi gwybod i aelodau sydd heb fynediad i gyfryngau cymdeithasol o’r datblygiadau hyn.

Announcement from the Trustees

As you are aware, both members of staff were furloughed at the beginning of lockdown. Due to this we acknowledge that it has been very difficult to communicate with the Society. However, both members of staff have now returned to work on a flexi –furlough basis. Therefore, you will be able to contact either Evelyn Jones or Pat Thompson on the usual telephone numbers in order that they cn address your query during their working day.

We also understand concerns regarding registrations which have been submitted since March but have not been processed. Now that staff have returned to work processing these registrations will be a main priority.

We would appreciate your help in informing members that might not have access to social media of these developments.

Croeso / Welcome

As Wales' only native breed of cattle, the story of the Welsh Black is steeped in history.

For centuries these cattle have been prized posessions as they are equally at home in craggy uplands or lush lowland pastures.

This hardy breed provides high quality meat and milk.  It has much to offer modern farming systems with its ease of production and award winning succulent meat.

For over 100 years the Welsh Black Cattle Society has nurtured, promoted and sought to improve the breed - a job which is continuing...

Results from the successful online sale held by Farmers Marts, Dolgellau on May 1st can be found on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Year Letter for 2020 is "A"

The new Kepak Welsh Black Beef Club

Year Letter for 2019 is "Z"

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Photos: Arvid Parry-Jones

Welsh Black Breed Objectives

  1. To promote the attributes of the Welsh Black, either pure or crossbred to the commercial beef industry, focusing on combining the breed’s traditional strengths with technological advances in herd health and breed improvements.
  2. Target the marketing of “Welsh Black beef” by providing instant traceability via the society’s online database system. Strategic support for all breeders, finishers, retailers and consumers will secure a premium price for a premium product.
  3. To provide an efficient administrative system for members, releasing further income to fund the development and promotion of the Welsh Black, in order to raise the breed’s profile at every opportunity.

Read our brochure here.

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